Online Class Challenges

Online Class Challenges: How to Overcome Being Unmotivated

Many Filipino kids, if not all, grew up with the idea instilled by their families that success comes together with high educational attainment. While this is not far from reality, the sad truth is that the current global situation has taken a toll on health and the academic realm. Students nowadays find it harder to continue their learning due to several factors. In fact, a survey conducted in 2021 revealed that more than half of the student population in the country is already considering taking some time off from school until the pandemic is over. This then begs the question — how do we bring back the motivation and wonder in them?

How the Pandemic Shifted the Way of Learning

Even before the pandemic, international assessments have already shown how the education system in the Philippines is still an overlooked issue. Despite the K12 implementation, the country came in low spots for Reading, Math, and Science. And it only heightened when the coronavirus had to put a major halt in face-to-face classes and started the online set-up.

Contrary to widespread belief, remote learning did not do much for the students. If anything, it brought out several points of concern: inaccessibility to gadgets with internet connectivity (78%), lack of focus and motivation (66%), houses as unfavorable places for learning (58%), struggles to juggle learning with other responsibilities at home (47%), and other personal matters like mental health and wellbeing issues (43%).

With these, students work on autopilot and look for motivation in the wrong places. Thus, it also results in less likely high achievements.

Combating the Motivation Toll

Rather than seeking motivation at the surface level of things, recalibrating how students think about motivation would help them regain their feet.

First, nurture a growth mindset in them. These student learners have so much in store that it would be such a waste to fixate them that they can only do so little. Similarly, they should be able to think of themselves as a continuous work in progress, improving over time.

According to the American Psychological Association, autonomy, competence, and relatedness are much needed in the equation to address better the concern of motivating students.

It would be helpful to provide them the liberty of doing an assignment while still guiding them in the process. Some teachers and parents alike usually offer to do the first number as a guide for the kid to follow through. Doing such promotes the child’s sense of autonomy and competence in accomplishing a task. At the same time, you may also consider chatting with your child about how the work is going about for them. This would help them feel valued and that they have someone to lean on when things go wrong for them.

Often, people seek motivation in the biggest of things, but little do they know that the smallest ways make a significant difference.


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